The Honest Company

Your Baby Deserves The Best!

We love our babies. We love your babies. That's why we err on the side of caution when it comes to ingredient selection. While no system is perfect, we do our best to be thoughtful and diligent in avoiding chemicals of concern, because we think you would do the same.

"I love Honest diapers-great on my baby's sensitive skin. No leaks, boy or girl." - Donna

Earth Mama

Safe and Organic Products For Your Baby!

The big question: "Is it safe for my baby?" Whether you're looking for safe and effective products for your own baby, or a very special birth or baby shower gift, Earth Mama delivers. With time honored botanical blends of clinically tested castile-based calendula baby soaps and calendula rich lotions, our #1 selling calendula diaper cream, and a virtually scent-free calendula baby massage oil, you'll find something wonderful made with love.

"For many natural mothers, Earth Mama is much more than a trusted brand of products. It's a community - a place as safe as the arm of the angel-winged mother on their logo. We spoke with founder, "Mama" Melinda Olson about how she cultivated her passion for plant-based healing into a business that does the world so much good." ~ Green Child Magazine

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